Humanity Warned of Artificial Intelligence Nuclear War Threat

( – Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, warned that the increase in artificial intelligence technology would increase the threat of a nuclear war. He claimed that humanity is on “a knife’s edge” due to the dangers.

Guterres warned of the nuclear threat in a recorded video that was taken at a US Arms Control Association meeting and in the video he spoke of a pledge to not be the first to use nuclear weapons. He even spoke of the tensions that are arising with the potential of more nuclear weapons being used due to the expiration of the New Start.

Said Guterres, “The regime designed to prevent the use, testing and proliferation of nuclear weapons is weakening.”

The Russian and United States New Start treaty put a cap on the number of nuclear weapons that both countries could have, as well as allowed inspections to ensure that they were in compliance. Russia announced that they would not be renewing the treaty when it expired and they have threatened since then of nuclear weapons use.

The United States and Russia own over ninety percent of the nuclear weapons in the world and there has been some concern over how artificial intelligence can streamline these weapons.

“Humanity is on a knife’s edge; the risk of a nuclear weapon being used has reached heights not seen since the cold war. States are engaged in a qualitative arms race. Technologies like artificial intelligence are multiplying the danger,” Guterres says.

The United States, the U.K., and France signed a joint statement to “maintain human control of nuclear launches,” but Russia and China have not signed any similar statement.

Guterres insisted, “All countries must agree that any decision on nuclear use is made by humans, not machines or algorithms.”

There are ongoing talks of nuclear weapons agreements and treaties such as China’s suggestion of a “no first use” treaty, but the concern of how technology can affect nuclear weapons still stands.

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