Hungary’s Minister of Justice Will Not Tolerate “Gender Madness” in Schools

Hungary's Minister Of Justice Will Not Tolerate

Hungary Minister Serves A Blow To The Gender Agenda

( – Educating children properly is essential to the world’s future. However, what schools should be teaching children has become somewhat of a hot-button topic. While many schools across the world seem to be implementing LGBTQ content, Hungary has no such plans and has asserted it won’t tolerate the idea.

Judit Varga, Hungary’s Minister of Justice, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that her country would not be allowing such teaching practices in their schools. Varga spoke with the outlet’s London partner detailing the Hungarian government’s decision to ban LGBTQ content in schools. Hungary has come under fire from the international left and the European Union (EU).

Minister Varga claimed the trend she saw developing in Western Europe, namely in Germany, was “gender madness.” The justice minister noted that in Hungary, the government doesn’t believe schools should teach sexual education without first speaking with parents and getting their consent. According to her, the EU doesn’t like Hungary’s stance because “it doesn’t fit in their mainstream agenda.”

The Hungarian government did ask parents what they thought, and confirmed that a majority disagreed with the idea of teaching children content relating to the LGBTQ community, such as gender identity and sexuality.

Will Hungary be able to stand against the mob, or will it eventually cave to the pressure?

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