Hunter Biden Appears At NYC To Pump His Paintings

Hunter Biden Appears At NYC To Pump His Paintings

( – Hunter Biden recently began selling his paintings as a professional artist. Despite his career being so new, Biden’s art pieces have seen price tags between $75,000 and $500,000. White House arrangements dictate that buyers of the president’s son’s paintings remain anonymous to avoid accusations of influence peddling.

Hunter Biden and his family attended an art gallery in New York City, where his paintings were on display despite the agreements. Around 60 guests, including President Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, attended.

While leaving, some guests expressed their opinions of Biden’s work with his aunt, noting his work was “spectacular.” Even Donald Kuspit, an art critic, admitted that Biden’s work was terrific, calling him a serious artist.

Still, observers have voiced concerns over Biden’s paintings’ ethics, with some buyers paying as much as $500,000- much more than a Picasso. Many critics believe buyers are only paying the inflated prices to gain President Biden’s good grace.

Kuspit revealed that Biden didn’t sell any paintings at the debut and that it was mainly a social event. Perhaps that’s for the best, given that no one is supposed to know who purchases any of the young Biden’s artwork. The question still remains — why would Hunter attend a gallery where his art is displayed and for sale if buyers are meant to be anonymous?

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