Hunter Biden Is Already Profiting From His Father’s Position

Hunter Biden Is Already Profiting From His Father's Position

( – Anytime someone new takes public office, their family and business dealings come under scrutiny. This is done to determine potential conflicts of interest and assess the ability of those close to the lawmaker to benefit from their ties to those in power. Without missing a beat since his father took office, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is publishing a tell-all memoir about his life and struggles with addiction.

On Thursday, February 4, Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced it will publish Hunter Biden’s memoir titled “Beautiful Things.” Hunter said it will detail his family’s tragedies and their “remarkable, unbreakable love.” While many praise the book’s openness about Hunter’s battle with drug addiction and racy pastimes, others see the timing as a perfect move to profit off of his father’s new position:

April 6, 2021, is the book’s set release date despite Hunter’s business dealings currently being under federal investigation. Even though President Joe Biden has given multiple statements that his family won’t gain an advantage off of this new position, this latest deal just coming to light shows us that is simply not true.

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