Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty

( – Hunter Biden pleaded “not guilty” on July 26 as federal prosecutors confirmed he’s still under probe, as the president’s plea deal fell on his first court appearance. As part of a plea agreement to avoid any jail time on a felony gun charge, President Joe Biden’s son was expected to plead guilty to two tax counts misdemeanors. However, Judge Maryellen Noreika didn’t accept the plea deal, raising concerns about its constitutionality, particularly about the immunity he would receive and the diversion clause.

The president’s son was also expected to engage in a pretrial diversion deal related to another felony charge of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user. The judge inquired federal prosecutors on the probe and asked whether there was a chance for future charges, and if Hunter Biden was under active investigation. Prosecutors revealed he was, but refused to answer what he’s investigated for. They also said that the fact that the president’s son pleads guilty to the two tax counts misdemeanors wouldn’t immunize him from other charges in the future.

At one point, Noreika asked Department of Justice prosecutor Leo Wise if the government could bring any charge related to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Wise said yes, and the original plea deal officially broke down, with Defense attorney Chris Clark claiming he didn’t agree with that.

Following that moment, both sides asked Noreika for more time to negotiate. She left the courtroom for nearly 30 minutes and allowed the two sides to keep negotiating. Ultimately, Hunter Biden decided to plead not guilty as the judge couldn’t accept the plea agreement as it was originally constructed.

Noreika repeatedly questioned the constitutionality and legality of the diversion agreement related to the felony gun charge. She explained that the main concern she had with the deal was that, if the president’s son breached it, she would be obliged to make a “finding of fact” before the government can bring any charge.

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