Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Faces Testimony Decision

Hunter Biden's Art Dealer Faces Testimony Decision

( – President Biden’s son Hunter has been caught up in many controversies. His new career as an artist –- and whether people can buy access to the president by paying inflated prices for his work –- is only one of the most bizarre. Now his art dealer faces being dragged into the scandal.

On January 26, Georges Bergès, a New York City art gallery owner who has put on two exhibitions of Hunter Biden’s work, confirmed that the House Oversight Committee has sent him a letter asking him to appear before the panel as part of its investigation into Hunter’s art career. The younger Biden’s work has sold for very high prices –- up to half a million dollars each, much more than usual for a new artist –- and when he started selling them in 2021, many Republicans feared Hunter could clandestinely sell access to his father in exchange for over-generous payments.

To calm the allegations, the White House worked out a scheme where the Bidens wouldn’t know who had bought the paintings. However, Bergès does know, and now the Oversight Committee wants to know too. By calling Bergès to testify, they hope that, by identifying the buyers, they can locate anyone who might have been trying to influence the administration.

Bergès, who claims Hunter is destined to be “one of the most consequential artists in this century,” doesn’t seem keen on testifying. Last Thursday, he said he “cannot comment” on the request and referred journalists to his lawyers. So is there a reason he’s reluctant to name the buyers? Oversight Committee chairman Representative James Comer (R-KY) thinks so. He says he’s “95% sure” those buyers were Chinese, which presents a potential compromise for the White House.

Comer is investigating multiple possible violations by the Biden family, including wire fraud and money laundering allegations. The president has always claimed he isn’t involved with his son’s murky business dealings, but some of the emails on Hunter’s infamous laptop suggest that might not be true. Now House Republicans are determined to find out.

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