Hunter Biden’s Private Text Messages Reveal the Truth

Hunter Biden's Private Text Messages Reveal the Truth

( – While President Joe Biden attempts to decry what the Left likes to call “systemic racism,” his son is doing just about the opposite. New text messages revealed by the Daily Mail and Washington Examiner show that Hunter Biden has repeatedly used racist slurs in casual conversation, along with a myriad of other distasteful lingo.

On Tuesday, June 8, the Washington Examiner shared photographs of Hunter Biden’s personal text messages to family members and associates. In one instance, Hunter claims to be “the most ethical man you will ever know,” while in another, he uses racial slurs, shared here by Jack Posobiec, the Senior Editor at Human Events:

In another exchange, Hunter got upset at a relative. He ranted about how his father and staff have not offered “one word of denial” about the articles circulating about his less than respectable private life. Hunter also makes numerous inappropriate jokes with his lawyer George Mesires.

These messages were all taken from the laptop that Hunter Biden allegedly left at a computer repair shop years ago. They were provided to newspapers by Jack Maxey, a former host of Steve Bannon’s War Room show. These conversations go to show the truth about Hunter Biden and cause many Americans to wonder just how far an apple can fall from the tree.

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