Hutchinson Says Trump’s Popularity Numbers Are Inflated

( – Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson said during a Tuesday interview on “GMA3” that the big support that former President Donald Trump currently has is inflated. Hutchinson made these comments as different polls show he’s struggling to remain competitive in early polling for the GOP nomination for president, as he’s currently behind Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Earlier this year, Hutchinson finished his second term as a governor after many years of public service. This included three consecutive terms in the US Congress, serving as Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration during the George W. Bush era.

When asked about FiveThirtyEight’s polls, which show support for the former Arkansas Governor is at 1 percent, he said he will remain in the race as he plans to go for the long run. He also said he feels confident that his popularity will eventually grow.

Hutchinson explained that the campaign will be long and that Trump’s numbers “are inflated now.” He also pointed out that the Republican Party is looking for new leadership that can properly represent the conservative voter, which Hutchinson said is looking for “a new direction” that the former president doesn’t represent. He added that even when the FiveThirtyEight polls show that Trump has 52 percent of support, he’s not the best candidate, and that Republicans need to vote for someone who “doesn’t appeal to our worst instincts.”

When asked if he would support the former president if he wins the GOP nomination, Hutchinson drew a line in the sand and recalled that in order to participate in debates, contenders will need to sign a vow of allegiance to the party’s final nominee.

Finally, the former Alaska Governor said that the Republican Party needs to pick someone who won’t lose to President Biden in the 2024 presidential election. He said this is the main reason why “now’s not the right time for Donald Trump.”

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