Ibram X. Kendi Attempts “Doll Test” on Daughter’s Daycare Toys

Ibram X. Kendi Attempts

Doll Test BACKFIRES On Anti-Racist Author

(AmericanProsperity.com) – An author and renowned critical race theory (CRT) activist, Ibram X. Kendi, recently had an issue with his young daughter. The child, who is of a darker complexion, appeared overly attached to a white doll possessing blue eyes and light hair. Concerned, the CRT advocate decided to conduct a test.

Kendi was worried his daughter, Imani, had already “breathed in the smog of white superiority.” Author of the book “How to Raise an Antiracist, Kendi wrote an essay, which The Atlantic published, discussing a “doll test” he attempted to conduct with his daughter. The advocate explained his daughter seemed to favor a white doll at her daycare, resulting in fussiness and defiance from the one-year-old when he tried to take it from her.

Kendi mentioned he was immediately worried the behavior was the result of racial bias in toys having influenced his daughter. The author referenced a study by Mamie and Kenneth Clark in the 1940s in which the researchers instructed children to tell them which doll was prettier or nicer: the “white” or the “black” one. Kendi noted that many of the children, regardless of race, chose the white doll over the dark-skinned one. This is what he was afraid of for his daughter.

Then, one day, after struggling to get the doll from his child’s grasp at the daycare, the concerned father went to the toy boxes to search for dark-skinned dolls. The author didn’t find any. Instead, all he found were white dolls, meaning his daughter didn’t choose a white doll over a dark-skinned one, as he’d feared; she simply didn’t have any choice.

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