Icelandic Man Becomes First Successful Double-Arm Transplant Recipient

Icelandic Man Becomes First Successful Double-Arm Transplant Recipient

STUNNING World-First Operation Is Nothing Short Of a Medical Miracle

( – Many people take their arms and legs for granted. Surely no one ever expects to lose a limb, but the tragedy does happen. Doctors recently made history along with a man who received a double arm transplant, the first to ever be successful. His triumph could change the way amputees live their lives.

In 1998 a man by the name of Felix Gretarsson, now 49, attempted to fix a power line, leading to his electrocution. The incident left Gretarsson with burned arms, both of which doctors needed to amputate.

Then, about 16 months ago, the patient finally convinced a surgeon to attempt a double arm transplant. The doctor had made numerous attempts in the previous years, but with no notable success.

Gretarsson received the surgery, which took a team of doctors 15 hours to complete from start to finish. Afterward, the grandfather’s recovery stunned even the surgeon. Now, nearly a year and a half later, Gretarsson goes to the gym to build muscle in his new arms while gaining more and more feeling in them every day. Even more important, Daily Mail reported that Gretarsson was able to hug his daughter after over two decades of being unable; he was also capable of enjoying the pleasure of hugging his young granddaughter for the very first time.

Gretarsson’s story is revolutionary, especially for people who have no choice but to amputate a limb or more. The surgery’s success may provide others with the necessary hope that they too can one day enjoy the freedom of having all their limbs fully intact.

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