Idaho House Passes Resolution Promoting Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission

Idaho House Passes Resolution Promoting Donald Trump's 1776 Commission

( – The New York Times’ 1619 Project tells a different story of America, beginning before the creation of the United States, one that many people see as divisive. Former President Trump created the 1776 Commission to counter the 1619 Project, the basis of Critical Race Theory. Now, the state of Idaho’s House of Representatives has passed a resolution which promotes Trump’s commission.

The Idaho House resolution calls the 1619 Project divisive, according to the Times, and claims it’s a reeducation program to sow shame in the American people. The resolution passed without Democratic support 54-10. Not only does the House resolution condemn the 1619 Project, but it also promotes the 1776 Commission’s report.

The action of the House doesn’t constitute a new law, or have the power of one, but it does let the public know how lawmakers feel and what their intentions are. According to the Idaho State Journal (ISJ), the resolution was created to make Idahoans aware of the alternate history curriculum. Jason Monks, a Republican Idaho Representative, says the resolution isn’t about erasing or choosing certain pasts, but instead creating a balanced approach.

The resolution offers the 1776 Commission’s report as a potential teaching point in Idaho school districts. ISJ claims the report contains several conservative talking points. The win could be helpful, especially for Trump, who may run for president in the future, not to mention the boost it gives his name to have the resolution passed.

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