If Elected, Bloomberg Wants to Control All Aspects of Your Life

If Elected, Bloomberg Wants to Control All Aspects of Your Life

(AmericanProsperity.com) – If you love the nanny state and appreciate being told what to do… you’ll love Michael Bloomberg.

A close look at Bloomberg’s positions shows how he would change and radically expand the power and role of the federal government if he becomes president.

Here’s a small list of Bloomberg’s horrifying proposals:

  • Expand Obamacare and offer a public option that could pave the way for a government-run healthcare system — including bringing back the unpopular health insurance mandate.
  • Implement massive gun control policies that would include universal background checks, assault weapons ban, and registering guns you own with the federal government.
  • Crack down on climate change by rejoining the Paris agreement. That would guarantee all new vehicles would dramatically increase in price to be pollution-free by 2035. Home purchases and expenses for homeowners also will skyrocket to ensure they are 100% pollution-free by 2025.
  • Make abortion on-demand and federal law and regulations would force states to reverse their abortion restrictions.
  • Provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants while increasing employment-based immigration at the expense of American workers.
  • Increase the cost of products and services nationwide as a result of a $15 minimum wage.

What do you think of Bloomberg’s positions?

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