Ilhan Omar Booed During Somali Music Festival

Ilhan Omar Booed During Somali Music Festival

Squad Democrat HUMILIATED In Her Own State

( – US Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attended a music festival in her state over Fourth of July weekend. When the rep walked up on stage at the Target Center in Minneapolis, the Democrat didn’t quite get the reaction she may have expected. The largely Somalian crowd booed her and told her to leave.

Omar posted a video of her and her husband, Tim Mynett, walking onstage at the music festival, which showed the crowd cheering and yelling in approval. However, her video was only 14 seconds long.

Other, lengthier videos show the crowd was largely disapproving of Omar’s presence and telling her to leave have gone viral. There isn’t any clear indicator as to why the crowd suddenly began booing. Newsweek suggested the Representative’s position on abortion and LGBTQ rights could be a reason for the uproar.

Longer videos also show Omar making every effort to speak over the crowd’s incessant booing, pleading that they didn’t “have all night,” as she continued to attempt to give Suldaan Seeraar, the performing singer, an award during his first performance inside the US. In many videos viewers can hear the crowd yelling “get out” at Omar, with some telling her to “get the f*** out.”

Royce White, a Republican candidate for Omar’s district, believes the Somalian crowd was booing the Democrat because they’re beginning “to see the truth,” calling the representative a “sellout” the establishment has chosen to “exploit identity politics.” Do you believe White could be right? Why do you think Omar has become so unpopular in Minnesota, specifically her district?

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