Ilhan Omar Claims Critical Race Theory Isn’t Being Taught In Schools

Ilhan Omar Claims Critical Race Theory Isn't Being Taught In Schools

( – The radical Left has used the Black Lives Matter and the anti-racism movement to push just about every part of their agenda, including Critical Race Theory (CRT). Multiple instances of CRT being taught in schools have hit headlines over the past few months, and yet, some Democrats, including Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), are accusing Conservatives of creating a crisis out of nothing.

On Saturday, June 19, Representative Omar tweeted that Republicans were creating “outrage over things that aren’t actually happening.” Fox News shared more of Omar’s worse along with the larger narrative:

While CRT is limited in K-12 use currently, there was an instance where third-grade students in Cupertino, California were told to identify their “social identities” and rank themselves on a scale of “power and privilege” to “oppressed.” Understandably, many parents were livid that their students were practically being taught racism.

That’s only one example, but these have been cropping up all across the nation. CRT started picking up steam in colleges and universities, and, like most trends, school-aged children are likely next.

It makes perfect sense that five states have already banned the subject and more are considering bills to do so. To deny this trend will affect the next generation is to simply deny reality.

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