Ilhan Omar Is About To Be Banished!

Kevin McCarthy Plans to Remove Ilhan Omar From Committees

Kevin McCarthy Plans to Remove Ilhan Omar From Committees

( – After a dismal performance in the 2022 midterms, Republicans managed to eke out a slim majority in the House, regaining control over the lower chamber of Congress. Nancy Pelosi will pass on the Speaker’s gavel to a Republican successor in January when the new session begins. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is the current frontrunner for that position, and he’s already planning how to take action if he wins.

McCarthy Speaks Up

During an appearance at a Republican Jewish Coalition event on November 20, McCarthy explained how his initial steps as House Speaker might unfold. He told the crowd that he would immediately boot Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from her committee assignments.

McCarthy also explained why he feels so strongly about Omar’s removal. The Republican leader stressed that he hadn’t forgotten her anti-Semitic words about Israel.

Omar has a long and well-documented history of lashing out against Israel. She has insulted the foreign country and called its government nazis on several different occasions. In at least one instance, the controversy forced her to delete a tweet and issue a new one apologizing for her anti-Semitic attitude.

McCarthy told the event’s attendees that in removing the congresswoman, he would simply be keeping the same promise he made over a year ago.

Dissolving Committees

McCarthy also recently sat down with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the fate of a handful of prominent Democrats, including Omar. The congresswoman isn’t the only person he hopes to boot should he become Speaker of the House.

The Republican leader asserted that he would additionally relieve Representatives Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) of their committee duties, too. But once again, he placed special emphasis on Omar’s position in Foreign Affairs.

As for Swalwell, McCarthy noted that he’s said from the beginning that he didn’t need to have access to America’s secrets. He suggested that the liberal should have no place on the Intelligence Committee due to his ties with the Chinese spy Fang Fang.

McCarthy then turned his attention to Schiff, whom he accused of lying to the American people multiple times. He wants to remove the California representative from the Intel Committee.

Omar Fires Back

Omar, for her part, is already firing back at McCarthy’s claims despite the fact that he hasn’t taken over as Speaker of the House. In a statement published to her website on November 21, she blasted the Republican for singling her out, threatening her with removal.

Congresswoman Omar additionally suggested that this decision to target her would only result in more division between Muslim and African voices. She believes McCarthy would be better off setting his sights on bigger issues, such as inflation or climate control.

Omar also levied another major accusation at the Republican party as a whole, accusing them of being xenophobic, Islamophobic, and racist. She said the party’s leaders had targeted her on the House Floor and via campaign ads.

In Omar’s eyes, McCarthy’s accusations are little more than a personal attack. But hard evidence does exist to suggest that the congresswoman isn’t as innocent as she makes herself out to be — the least of which is the aforementioned deleted tweet. Is she right, or is McCarthy simply being proactive?

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