Ilhan Omar Supports Investigating Biden Over Possible “Serious” Violations

Ilhan Omar Supports Investigating Biden Over Possible

( – Evidence has emerged that President Joe Biden privately kept confidential files from his time as vice president. During a recent interview, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) likely surprised some viewers with her initial statement saying she supported an investigation. Her words quickly turned into an attack against the GOP, revealing a possible ulterior motive, but the move appears to have backfired.

Omar sat down with Symone Sanders-Townsend from MSNBC and told the anchor she was “glad” to see an investigation underway. When prompted for her reasoning, the representative declared any “deviance in regard to security protocols” merited serious action.

The statement is true enough without any further context and could have been a thoughtful, nonpartisan point. Instead, Omar used it as a springboard to vilify Republicans defending former President Donald Trump, shaming them for their sudden focus on prosecution. She insists many right-wing members lack concern for the fundamental laws and are instead “playing a political game” because they only seek to go after the current commander-in-chief,

The Presidential Records Act of 1978 states all presidential records become the legal custody of the archivist as soon as the individual leaves office. At first glance, the assumption that both men had broken the law might appear obvious.

A more critical look reveals Omar merely attempted to compare apples and oranges — to her detriment. PolitiFact reminded readers only the president has the top say in classifying and declassifying privileged materials. Biden was only vice president when he would have had access to the recently discovered documents, so he couldn’t have declassified any of the files in question before putting them into storage.

TIME magazine reported Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur, a former U.S. attorney and Trump appointee, to review Biden’s stored documents. He will determine whether the president has potentially committed any wrongdoing by having the files in his possession.

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