Illegal Alien Amnesty Unpopular Among Voters

Illegal Alien Amnesty Unpopular Among Voters

( – Current laws require refugees to undergo a specific process to enter the United States and establish legal residence. Some people attempt to bypass this standard by crossing the border illegally and seeking amnesty once they’re securely within the country’s boundaries. A recent poll released exclusively by Breitbart News shows the action is wildly unpopular among US voters.

Breitbart found a mere 14.3% of Americans feel the country should allow illegal immigrants amnesty and a path to citizenship. Three-quarters of those polled feel all illegal immigrants, even those seeking amnesty, should face deportation. Additionally, 59.5% insist that people under review for asylum should receive immediate determinations to either stay or leave.

Even fewer Hispanic voters support allowing undocumented immigrants to remain for any reason, with 78.9% saying all illegal residents should go. Conversely, only 2.8% felt the government should allow those seeking asylum to stay legally. Still, 23.3% believed that illegal border crossers already enrolled in the asylum process should receive amnesty and a path toward citizenship.

The poll came as illegal immigration numbers have marked staggering highs, and border enforcement officials have admitted feeling overwhelmed by the deluge. Much of the strain has wound up falling on the individual states where illegal entry was most prevalent, according to a report from the Department of Justice. The financial burden, particularly on border counties, has grown into the hundreds of millions.

The United States requires people seeking asylum to pass a review process before they can apply to enter the country. The application is free, and the person’s government of origin has no access to the information. Individuals and families who meet the eligibility criteria must then pass medical exams. Each person must also undergo “a cultural orientation” before Customs and Border Patrol officials allow them entry. Immigrants who travel to the US without completing these steps are breaking the law.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) told Breitbart News he’s promised to take a zero-tolerance approach to such people. He stated, “one of our greatest strengths is the rule of law,” adding that good immigration policy begins with a secure border.

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