Illegal Aliens Given Red Carpet Treatment, Promised To Be Shipped Anywhere In US

Illegial Aliens Given Red Carpet Treatment, Promised To Be Shipped Anywhere In US

( – While Americans struggle in the current down sliding economy, illegal immigrants crossing the southern border get free hotel stays and transportation to locations throughout the country, where they can start over. According to a whistleblower, it also appears they are getting red carpet treatment thanks to government-funded nonprofit organizations.

Representative Lance Gooden (R-TX) said the whistleblower provided him with documentation that led him to investigate the situation with illegal migrants coming into the United States. He saw busloads of individuals taken to top hotels in California, such as The Four Points by Sheraton.

Gooden claims he saw them receiving the welcome packets the whistleblower had sent him. Inside them is information about adjusting to life in the United States, entering children in school, and traveling without identification. He pointed to the Catholic Charities of San Diego and the Jewish Family Services, which runs the Rapid Response Network, as the originators for the service.

These organizations often receive taxpayer money. For example, in March 2021, Rapid Response Network announced the California Department of Finance allotted up to $28 million for funding to the organization. In addition, the Jewish Family Services’ 2020 annual report showed it received over $16 million in funding from the government.

Representative Gooden accused the charities and the Biden administration of helping encourage human trafficking by bypassing security checks when traveling and moving around the country. He called the situation a national security threat and demanded accountability and transparency.

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