Illinois is Giving $250 Million to Help Chicago with Migrant Crisis

( – The state of Illinois and other states have been dealing with an influx of migrants pouring in.

With this being said, the state of Illinois has stated that they will be allocating about $250 million of taxpayer dollars to help feed, house, and care for the illegal immigrants who have come to Chicago. Despite the $250 million in funds, the Chicago Mayor, Brandon Johnson, has been avoiding the addition of even more funds.

Illinois had recently spent $160 million in November to help feed, house, and get them independence in the state, and they had already spent $478 million on the crisis since the beginning.

Chicago has seen more than 35,000 migrants flood into the city over the past year and a half, however, Chicago is now seeing the lowest number of migrants in shelters. As of now, there are less than 13,000 migrants in shelters which is a drop from the over 15,000 they’ve had since the crisis began.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said, “With thousands of asylum seekers continuing to come to Chicago in desperate need of support and with Congress continuing to refuse to act—it is clear the state, county, and city will have to do more to keep people safe. I’m thankful to President Preckwinkle for working with us to help close this budget gap and maintain critical services in the year ahead.”

Even after this new wave of funding the state discussed that it will still need at least another $300 million over this year to maintain shelter and healthcare services to migrants.

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