Illinois Passes Controversial Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles, Magazines

Illinois Passes Controversial Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles, Magazines

( – Gun control measures have long been a hotly debated topic between Republicans and Democrats. The Left has pushed for gun control, while the Right fights to preserve the Second Amendment. Progressives have used recent mass shootings as a way to push their agenda surrounding firearms. In Illinois, they’re making room for a big win as the state legislature recently passed a ban on semiautomatic rifles and magazines.

Weapons of War

On January 11, JB Pritzker, the Democratic Governor of Illinois, signed legislation that banned commonly owned semiautomatic rifles and magazines his party considers “high capacity.” The new law took effect upon Pritzker’s signing.

Under the ban, the sale, delivery, and purchase of “assault-style” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines will be prohibited. Rifles and long guns will no longer be able to hold more than 10 rounds, and handguns will be limited to just 15 rounds under the new law. Pritzker’s new ban also prohibits Illinois residents from owning switches or devices that increase how fast a semiautomatic rifle can fire.

The governor issued a press release discussing the new measure. It began stated that his administration and colleagues have been working hard for the past four years fighting the National Rifle Association (NRA) in order to pass the “most effective gun legislation” they could.

The press release noted that the new law would require people who already own the firearms covered under the ban to register their guns and magazines. It also stated that this provision will allow authorities to know the locations of these so-called “weapons of war” and keep them from falling “into the wrong hands.”

Governor Pritzker said he “couldn’t be prouder” to pass the legislation, adding he and his colleagues will keep fighting to pass additional meaningful firearms restrictions.

Republican Rebuttal

Illinois State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R) spoke out against the measure. He predicted that residents who break the law aren’t going to register their guns with authorities, adding they’re also not going to hand over their “high-capacity” magazines.

Windhorst insisted that Governor Pritzker’s new law would only impact the law-abiding citizens in Illinois, adding that once again, people were seeing their Second Amendment rights under attack. Another State Representative, Blaine Wilhour, also a Republican, said that he and others on the Right wouldn’t be complying with the new ban.

Darren Bailey (R), an outgoing Illinois Representative and failed gubernatorial candidate, said he would die on his front porch before he handed over his guns, declaring that if the state’s capital wanted them, it would have to come take them.

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