Immunity Requested for FBI Agents in Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax

Immunity Requested for FBI Agents in Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax

( – Attorney Scott Graham currently represents Kaleb Franks, one of a handful of individuals accused of conspiring to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) in 2020. Graham recently asked a federal judge to grant three FBI agents and several informants with ties to the case immunity and protection from self-incrimination during the upcoming March 8 trial.

In a recent court filing, Graham stated that the FBI agents and informants appeared to be “intertwined in the alleged criminal activity” and have every right to protect themselves from self-incrimination by invoking the Fifth Amendment. However, he also said their testimony would become “crucial” in proving the government entrapped his client, Kaleb Franks.

The attorney also asks judges to grant jurors access to more than 250 text messages and recordings between FBI agents, their informants, and the defendants. He feels these communications prove the government “conceived and controlled” the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer from day one.

The decision to request immunity for the three FBI agents comes after prosecutors disclosed some of the agents were under personal or professional investigation on misconduct allegations.

  • Richard Trask, former lead FBI agent, was fired and charged with domestic violence for assaulting his wife after attending a swinger’s sexy party.
  • FBI agent Henrik Impola stands accused of committing perjury in a separate case.
  • FBI agent Jayson Chambers stands accused of using the Whitmer kidnapping case to promote his security company called Exeintel.

Prosecutors also allege that the FBI’s key informant was a double agent who constantly worked against the government’s interests. The agency paid informant Stephen Robeson $19,000 for his assistance in the Whitmer case; authorities later charged him with fraud in a separate matter. He also used charity money to purchase weapons, warned one of the kidnappers of his incoming arrest, and disobeyed FBI agents.

One kidnapper pleaded guilty and will serve six years in federal prison for his role in the alleged attempted kidnapping. If convicted, all defendants face life in prison.

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