In a Bizarre Plot Twist, a Fake Drug Enforcement Agent Trains Woman for DEA Job And Gets Caught

In a Bizarre Plot Twist, a Fake Drug Enforcement Agent Trains Woman for DEA Job And Gets Caught

( – Whether it be for Halloween, conventions, or just for kicks, there are more police officer impersonators running around than a person might think. Most of the time, these individuals are harmless, but some of them are dangerous. A rare few might even believe they actually belong to the agencies they pretend to work for, taking things too far.

Around midnight on February 2, a man and a woman were standing next to a silver Dodge Charger. When Portland Police Bureau Sergeant Matthew Jacobsen approached the pair, they asserted they were “feds.” But, according to the police affidavit, Sgt. Jacobsen sensed something was off about the two.

Jacobsen noticed a “DEA POLICE” vest in the vehicle’s trunk and a potential gun holster under Robert Edward Golden’s jacket. In addition, Sgt. Jacobsen noted that the Charger had blue and red lights inside. After identifying as a federal agent, Golden instructed a woman he claimed to be his trainee to present her badge to Sgt. Jacobsen. The officer took the pair of “feds” to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Portland Office, where authorities then arrested them for impersonating federal agents.

Golden had convinced the woman he was a DEA agent and had been training her for around a year. The suspect also had an AR-15 rifle, handcuffs, two more vests, badges, and credentials. Golden noted that the firearms were fake and shot rubber bullets and admitted he only used the blue and red lights to get through traffic quicker. The impersonator mentioned he used his “authority” to stop a fight at one point.

According to court documents, Golden is out and awaiting trial after agreeing to attend counseling, undergo a mental evaluation, and submit random drug tests. If the court convicts Golden, he faces as much as three years in federal prison and a potential fine.

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