Indictment Leads to Lockdown in Breonna Taylor Case

Indictment Leads to Lockdown in Breonna Taylor Case

( – The death of Breonna Taylor during an apartment search conducted by Louisville police officers in March was one of the causes of the nation-wide protests this spring and summer. On Wednesday, September 23, the grand jury presiding over the case released its findings, and many people in the city expressed their discontent with the results.

The grand jury brought three counts of wanton endangerment against officer Brett Hankison, whose bullets entered an apartment adjacent to Taylor’s where three people lived. Thankfully, they were unharmed. No charges were brought against officer Myles Cosgrove, who allegedly fired the shot that killed Taylor.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) released a statement, saying “Sergeant Mattingly and Detective Cosgrove were justified in their use of force, after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker.”

Days before this announcement, Mayor Greg Fischer (D) issued a state of emergency and implemented a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. for 72 hours to try to keep the peace, while protecting the rights of his citizens:

Some citizens are expressing their frustration over the investigation and indictments, and the result is protests filling the streets. Mayors, elected officials, attorney generals, and those who choose to serve in the police force all must walk a fine line when protecting a city, seeking truth, and administering justice. This investigation and indictment were no different.

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