Infamous Animal Abuser Gets 10 Years- Is It Enough?

Infamous Animal Abuser Gets 10 Years

( – After four years, Ollie, the pitbull once at the center of an animal abuse case that first broke in October of 2017, will finally get the justice he deserves. The perpetrator of this gruesome crime recently pleaded guilty, leading the judge overseeing the case to hand down a hefty — and as some would say, appropriate — sentence.

Brendan Evans will spend ten years in prison.

Ollie, the pit bull, was found stuffed in a briefcase after Evans beat and stabbed him over 50 times. It isn’t clear exactly why the man felt the need to treat the dog in such a violent manner. While initially found alive, the medium-sized dog ultimately passed away two days after being rescued.

Evans originally pleaded not guilty to the crime until investigators discovered extremely incriminating evidence in his home. Law enforcement agents found cat paws and bodies of rats with severed heads in one of his freezers. He changed his tune and admitted to the crime shortly after officers brought their findings to his attention.

Evans and his lawyer did manage to strike a plea deal with the court. Part of that agreement involved dropping 15 of the 17 animal abuse charges associated with the case. Still, the fact remains, the judge handed down a steep sentence that is a win for animal rights activists — and anyone who cares about dogs.

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