Infant In India Killed After Monkeys Steal Child, Throws It From Rooftop

Infant In India Killed After Monkeys Steal Child, Throw It From Rooftop

Monkey Business: Newborn Baby’s Death Is More Bizarre Than Fiction

( – Child deaths are always tragic, especially when they could have been prevented. In some cases, these deaths happen at the hands of one of human’s closest relatives, monkeys. The most recent incident occurred in India, when primates stole a child and threw him from a rooftop.

A gang of monkeys recently attacked a father, who was holding the child, and his wife. The family was on a third-story terrace when the primates became aggressive. In the hopes of escaping the gang of wild animals, the dad ran with the child before stumbling and accidentally dropping the boy. The monkeys then took the infant and tossed him off the roof, killing him.

The man had tried to call for help, but other family members weren’t quick enough. When they did arrive, other monkeys attacked them. This tragedy is only one of several incidents where primates have killed children or humans in recent years. For example, in 2019, a group of simians chased a 60-year-old woman off a roof terrace, causing her to fall to her death.

In January of this year, the animals stole a two-month-old boy and threw him into a tank of water, where he drowned. Last month, a primate stole a breastfeeding child in Africa and killed it as villagers attempted to get the infant back. A similar incident occurred in 2018, when a monkey stole a 12-day-old baby and repeatedly bit the infant, eventually killing them.

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