Inflation Causes Huge Change to America’s Dating Scene

Inflation Causes Huge Change to America's Dating Scene

( – Inflation has impacted every aspect of the lives of people living in the US. Many Americans struggle to pay their bills and afford food. Increased prices have even creeped into the dating habits of single people, causing them to be a little more conservative.

While first impressions are important when looking for a potential partner, the days of people attempting to awe their dates appear to be over. A recent study from Match, the parent company of dating apps such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, shows that 84% of singles would rather have a casual first date as opposed to an expensive one.

When it comes to the cost of dating, 29% prefer to have the event take place closer to home in an effort to save on fuel costs. Another 30% of singles are open to doing something free on a date. An additional 24% would rather eat at an inexpensive restaurant, while 26% would prefer a home-cooked meal. Meanwhile, 25% would be best with meeting for drinks or coffee. The shift in spending isn’t much of a surprise as Match also found that dating has become 40% more expensive over the past decade.

In addition to inflation changing how singles spend money on dates, it has also altered their views of dating. The top three concerns among singles looking for partners are all financially related, with 39% being worried about the economy, 38% concerned with their financial future in the long term, and 35% seeing inflation as a top concern.

Inflation has also changed people’s views of an ideal partner. Nearly one-third of respondents declared increased pricing has driven them to seek people who are financially stable. Meanwhile, 96% of singles say having similar views about spending and debt are important to them when finding a partner.

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