Insanity Defense Rejected by New Hampshire Jury

courtroom interior tables and chairs of defense and prosecution, Wyandot County Courthouse, Upper Sandusky, OH May 29, 2018, filming location for Shawshank Redemption

( – Dale Holloway, 41, acting as his own attorney, pleaded not guilty to charges related to the October 2019 shooting during a church wedding ceremony in New Hampshire. On Thursday, the jury dismissed Holloway’s insanity defense, rejecting his claim of mental instability at the time. Holloway had previously told the jury that he had been mentally unstable before the incident occurred.

The shootings occurred almost two weeks after the groom’s son killed Holloway’s stepfather. The groom’s son also received a prison sentence.

Earlier in the week, the Nashua jury had found Holloway guilty of an attempted murder charge and several assault charges. After about an hour-long deliberation on Thursday, the foreperson responded with a “no” when asked if the panel had found clear and convincing evidence that he was insane at the time of the crime.

When sentenced, Holloway could receive a life sentence for the attempted murder conviction. During the nine-day trial, he tried to convince the jury that he was mentally imbalanced at the time of the incident. To support his claim, he played a version of his rap song for the jury and provided testimony from a psychologist who supported his assertion of being mentally unstable.

In testimony from Holloway’s mother, she stated that his father was physically abusive to both her and her son, prompting her to get a divorce. She also answered questions regarding her son’s early entry into juvenile detention facilities. According to her testimony, Holloway was profoundly saddened and depressed after the death of his stepfather. She also mentioned that the tragic death of her second husband devastated her son because they were very close.

Prosecutor John Harding III argued that the memorial service for Holloway’s stepfather took place right after the wedding ceremony, which Holloway found disrespectful.

Holloway faces convictions for attempted murder in the shooting of Choate, two counts of second-degree assault for causing bodily harm to both Choate and McMullen and a charge of simple assault for striking the groom on the head.

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