Inside Look at Sarah Palin’s Run for Congress

Inside Look at Sarah Palin's Run for Congress

( – Sarah Palin has been relatively quiet since her vice-presidential bid with John McCain. Aside from her recent defamation suit against the New York Times (NYT), Palin has stayed off the radar. Now, the media is buzzing once again over her announcement to run for Congress.

Don’t Write Her Off

In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, Palin talked about how left-wing media has attempted to diminish her bid for Congress and sow doubt in her political abilities. She mentioned articles from the Washington Post, National Public Radio, and Politico, all geared toward making her look unqualified.

However, the former Governor of Alaska countered these claims, talking about her education and experience. Plain mentioned she’s been a city council member, a mayor, and now the chair of a commission regarding oil and gas, overseeing the distribution of Alaska’s natural resources to the rest of the country. Not to mention she was once the governor of the country’s largest state and was McCain’s choice for vice president.

Running for Congress

Palin announced her congressional bid on April 1. Her decision came just weeks after she visited New York concerning her defamation case against the NYT. She assured Alaskans that if they elected her, she would go to Washington, D.C. and work for them. Palin resigned as Alaska’s governor in 2009, but she’s remained a powerful member in the conservative movement.

She even endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, prior to the first primary caucus. Palin mentioned her interest in running for Congress came after she realized how much she and former US Representative Don Young (R-AK) had in common when it came to serving the state of Alaska.

Returning the Favor

Former President Trump has offered his endorsement to Palin, which she readily accepted. Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s former governor, has also announced her endorsement of Palin, though it likely doesn’t hold as much sentiment as Trump’s in Palin’s heart. The former Alaskan governor and Trump have been long-time friends. Palin mentioned how she encouraged Trump to run for president in 2016, and now she’s pushing him to do so again in 2024.

The potential congresswoman asserted that people on both sides of the political divide need to be held accountable, claiming Trump is the man to do that and calling him “a master in holding people accountable.” Palin noted how Trump called her about a week before she announced her intention to run for Congress, claiming he asked her if she could imagine them both being in Washington. Palin replied that it would certainly “shake up a lot of things.”

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