Intoxicated Democrat Candidate Vomits on Tweens at Slumber Party Gone Wrong

Intoxicated Democrat Candidate Vomits on Tweens at Slumber Party Gone Wrong

( – Drinking alcohol can lead people to do some pretty crazy or derogatory things, often wholly removing any inhibitions. It can happen to anyone, regardless of who they are or what they do. For one Democratic candidate, her poor choices may have just sunk her career.

Democrat candidate for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional, Abby Broyles, attended a slumber party for tween girls on February 11. According to NonDoc, the host and mother of one of the girls invited Broyles, who was initially pleasant while she drank wine. Nonetheless, things quickly took a turn for the worst after she drank a bit too much.

After getting more than her fill of wine, Broyles verbally attacked and berated the tween girls, hurling derogatory slurs at them and causing some of them to cry. Eventually, the Democrat’s body couldn’t handle the alcohol consumption anymore and gave in, causing Broyles to throw up, which she chose to do in a laundry basket and on the shoes belonging to one of the eight girls in attendance.

A woman by the name of Sarah Matthews took to Twitter nearly a week later, expressing her dismay that Broyles hadn’t so much as attempted to reconcile with the girls or their parents. Matthews’ Twitter thread noted that she figured she would give the Democrat a chance to apologize.

Sponsored by Representative Eric Swalwell, Broyles has denied the claims despite several of the girls and their parents corroborating the story. The Democrat insisted she wasn’t even at the party, noting she was out of town on a fundraising trip.

Broyles said people often trolled her on Twitter and clarified that she wasn’t accusing the young girls of a smear campaign against her, but she did believe the parents were acting viciously to corrupt her public image.

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