Invasion DECLARED – An Official Declaration!

Invasion Declared At The Border

Invasion Declared At The Border

( – The US has seen an elevated level of illegal immigration at the southern border since Joe Biden took a seat in the Oval Office. Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) used border security as a main component of his reelection campaign, which he easily won, beating his Democratic contender Beto O’Rourke. Now, not even two weeks after the midterms, Abbott has declared there’s an invasion at the southern border, asserting that he’s taking action to address the issue.

Invasion of the US Homeland

On November 15, Governor Abbott tweeted that he called on the Invasion Clauses of both the Texas State Constitution and the US Constitution. The Republican leader asserted he was using the available power at his disposal to keep the Lone Star State and America safe. Abbott explained he was using his constitutional authority to allow Texas to take measures, which he described as unprecedented, in order to defend his territory from invasion.

Taking Action

In the same tweet the governor explained he was deploying the National Guard to the southern border, where he was tasking members with repelling and sending back immigrants who were attempting to enter the US illegally. Abbott asserted he would be building a border wall in certain counties and using gun boats to provide border security. He’ll also be deploying the Texas Department of Public Safety, which would be in charge of detaining and returning any immigrants who’ve successfully crossed the border illegally.

The Texas governor noted his intentions to designate Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations and work with other states to secure the border. Abbott also wants to provide the necessary supplies to counties along the area to better equip them to respond to the immigration invasion.

Abbott sent a letter to President Biden in which Abbott criticized the commander in chief’s inaction to secure the country, claiming it has led to “catastrophic consequences.” The governor talked about how Biden has allowed the largest amount of illegal immigration in US history to take place on his watch. He asserted the worst part of the situation was that Biden’s failure to secure the area had prompted the United Nations to declare the US-Mexico border as the world’s deadliest land crossing. The governor demanded the president reimplement policies he eliminated — or at least create new ones to address the invasion, describing it as Biden’s constitutional duty.

Abbott’s recent action is only the latest in a long saga of criticizing the Biden administration as his state suffers from massive influxes of immigrants. The Texas governor and other Republicans have been doing everything in their power to deal with the so-called invasion.

Abbott and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida have both shipped individuals crossing their borders to Democratic sanctuary cities to provide a bit of relief at the border. How much longer will Biden ignore the ongoing crisis? State officials can only do so much, as foreign policy falls under the duties of the federal government.

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