Iowa Debacle Is Now Trump Supporters’ Fault

Iowa Debacle Is Now Trump Supporters’ Fault

( – After the Iowa Democratic Party botched their caucuses on Monday night, they have turned to a new culprit.

Trump supporters.

Democrats in Iowa first blamed an app for not being able to accurately report a winner on Monday night. The party still has not reported a final number as of Thursday morning and the Democratic candidates have moved on to the upcoming New Hampshire primary next week.

Some poll workers are claiming that Trump supporters called the hotline number used by precinct chairs, overwhelming the system and causing even more confusion. The phone number was posted online.

On Monday night, Trump tweeted:

The allegations of Trump supporters contributing to the problem was reported by Bloomberg News. The Iowa Democratic Party has not said or confirmed to Bloomberg that Trump supporters contributed to the problem.

State Democratic party leaders have come under extreme scrutiny for botching the reporting of the results.

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