Iran Now Has Enough Material To Make Nuclear Weapons

Iran Now Has Enough Material To Make Nuclear Weapons

Radical Terrorist State Now Closer Than Ever To Carrying Out Its Diabolical Plot

( – The Biden administration has been talking with officials in Iran for months attempting to create a new nuclear agreement. Nonetheless, those talks have yet to advance, allowing Iran to continue working toward constructing its first nuclear weapon. Now, reports are claiming the Iranian government has the necessary materials to build an atomic warhead.

Reuters obtained a report from the United Nations (UN) indicating the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to enrich its uranium levels through the use of its Fordow nuclear facility’s advanced centrifuges. The Middle Eastern country could start its nuclear arsenal at any time.

The UN’s report comes just after a majority of countries on the Board of Governors for the International Atomic Energy Agency criticized Iran for not disclosing certain sites and why experts found traces of uranium at said facilities. According to the report, the advanced centrifuges allow Iran to enrich uranium quickly, empowering the country to get to the necessary 90% enrichment needed to build a weapon.

There’s no need to explain the dangerous precedent this revelation holds. Iran’s nuclear program could potentially destabilize the Middle East, not to mention the country could choose to launch a nuclear attack on the US. Iran could become a potentially deadly adversary and a threat to national security and the Middle East with a nuclear weapon at its disposal.

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