Iran Nuclear Deal Stalled

Iran Nuclear Deal Stalled

Obama’s Biggest VICTORY May Finally Be Over

( – As the Biden administration tries to seal the deal with Iran and implement a new nuclear agreement, the president seems to be running into some trouble. Negotiations have been ongoing for months, and neither side has given the other a seductive counteroffer to reach an agreement. Any deal seems unlikely at this point as negotiations appear to have stalled.

There’s bipartisan agreement that Biden won’t likely be able to reach a deal with Iran regarding its development of nuclear weapons. According to The Hill, Congressional lawmakers have explained that Washington has a deal on the table it’s waiting for Tehran to accept, claiming “the ball is really in the Iranians’ court.”

A new deal would require the Middle Eastern country to put restrictions on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from US and international sanctions. However, Iran was making record profits through its exports of oil even before Russia attacked Ukraine and there have been no signs of those profits decreasing.

Another reason the deal will likely fizzle out is that Iranian officials have requested the United States remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard from the US list of foreign terrorist organizations as part of the deal. President Biden has asserted several times he has no intention of removing the designation.

So, it seems there might be no deal between the two countries, which could potentially harm the administration’s relationship with the primarily Islamic nation. Not reaching an agreement would also deliver a massive blow to one of the president’s top foreign policy goals, potentially hurting his image.

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