Is a Targeted Stimulus Package in the Works?

Is a Targeted Stimulus Package in the Works?

( – Weeks have gone by without any bipartisan agreements on a new stimulus package. But, on Sunday, September 6, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin hinted at something being in the works.

On Fox News Sunday, Mnuchin relayed that both he and President Donald Trump favor another stimulus package. He emphasized there are “seven and a half million jobs we need to get back until we’re back to where we were, and we want to help small businesses.”

While Democrats continue to push for a large $2.5 trillion deal, Mnuchin reiterated there is no need for a bill that large when the economy is already open again. Instead, they desire a more targeted bill. Mnuchin shared his excitement for this progress here:

The Treasury Secretary assured host Bret Baier this new stimulus package will be handled separately from the impending government shutdown. Mnuchin will work with Pelosi for a clean continuing resolution.

While many Americans are back on their feet after months of shutdowns and restrictions, some still lack jobs and money to pay the bills. A small, targeted measure could bring hope to those still hurting.

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