“Is Math Racist?” Headline Changed After Intense Backlash

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Social media justice warriors on Twitter recently aimed a USA Today article headline reading “Is Math Racist?” The opinion piece suggested that many black and minority students struggle with learning math, adding the subject should be more inclusive.

Like an out-of-control wildfire, the controversial tweet began to negatively trend, forcing USA Today to change the article title to “Is Math Education Racist? Debate Rages Over Changes To How US Teaches The Subject.”

Many critics attacked USA Today on the article’s content, asking if the article’s title was “a joke.” Another journalist critic tweeted that math isn’t racist, but the educators who believe they must change the math curriculum because black kids who struggle with it are racist.

The article addressed the 600 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educators and curriculum developers who wrote a scathing letter protesting the California Department of Education’s proposal to teach math from a social justice viewpoint.

Even some Democrats called the USA Today headline misleading, accusing the news organization of publishing the article for clicks. In addition, they attacked Twitter for allowing the post to go viral, saying mainstream media and the social media platform need to be more responsible for their content.

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