Is Obama Making Joe Biden’s Decisions for Him?

Is Obama Making Joe Biden's Decisions for Him?

( – Every president has a close group of advisors to provide perspective on the wide range of issues facing our nation, but presidents ultimately make the decisions they believe are best. However, it turns out that for President Joe Biden, one advisor may be getting a much bigger say than others in what happens.

On Monday, March 22, reporters pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for a peek into Biden and Obama’s current relationship. In reply, Psaki stated that the two are “friends” and “keep in regular touch” about many issues.

The Epoch Times shared Psaki’s words on the expected future of the relationship:

Psaki emphasized the two speak about the Affordable Care Act as a policy they both campaigned on and hope to expand.

The similarity between the Biden and Obama administrations has been quite noticeable over the past few months, and now, the admittance of constant contact between the two presidents shows that Obama likely holds a heavy hand over the current White House.

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