Is Trump an Act of God? This Historian Thinks So

Is Trump an Act of God? This Historian Thinks So

( – Historians are already evaluating and comparing President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to how his predecessors handled their own challenges. Doug Wead, historian, author, and former presidential adviser, has followed every commander-in-chief since Gerald Ford. Based on their skills, abilities, ideologies, and personalities, Wead determined that none of the seven prior presidents would have been successful — except for Trump.

Here’s how Wead compared them:

  • Gerald Ford – A policy wonk who was always stuck in the weeds and lacked strategy skills.
  • Jimmy Carter – Brilliant, but was slow to act and lacked guts.
  • Ronald Reagan – Built perfectly for the Cold War period, though sometimes lacked decisive action.
  • George H.W. Bush – Great political instincts, but struggled to make up his mind.
  • Bill Clinton – Had all the skills, instincts, and relationships, but his personal relationship problems could have made this crisis a disaster.
  • George W. Bush – Very decisive, but made some very bad decisions. May have stumbled in this crisis like the economic crisis in 2007 and 2008.
  • Barack Obama – Spent too much time blaming Bush for all his problems and had too little drive to get things done.
  • Donald Trump – He was born for this moment!

Wead said Trump has the perfect level of knowledge, experience, and personality to handle the situation. Furthermore, he said the president has the right mix of skills and relationships to bring back the economy. Trump’s extremely decisive, expects to win and won’t tolerate losing.

If Wead ‘s right, we’re in great hands both now and when this crisis is behind us.

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