ISIS Fighter Gets His for Murdering a 5-Year-Old Girl

ISIS Fighter Gets His for Murdering a 5-Year-Old Girl

( – After years of ISIS committing atrocities against Yazidis, a German court is serving some justice. One member of ISIS finally received his punishment after he killed a five-year-old girl while her mother watched. It’s about time for the world to hold ISIS accountable for its actions and treatment of the Yazidi people.

Yazidis are people from Northern Iraq who speak Kurdish and suffered at the hands of ISIS militants between 2014 and 2015. In 2019, authorities arrested Taha Al-Jumailly in Greece and extradited him to Germany. There, the legal system has held the now 29-year-old accountable for his heinous crimes against humanity.

The court found him guilty and accused Al-Jumailly of killing 3,000 Yazidis and enslaving 7,000 women and girls in Iraq and Syria. The worst part of his crimes is when he killed a five-year-old girl by chaining her outside a window in heat over 120-degrees Fahrenheit for peeing the bed. The girl’s mother watched as her daughter slowly died of dehydration in the brutal temperatures.

Upon hearing his guilty verdict and the subsequent life sentence, Al-Jumailly collapsed and concealed his face with a binder to avoid cameras taking pictures of him. The man’s now ex-wife, Jennifer Wenisch of Germany, had enslaved the mother and daughter in 2015; she recently received a 10-year prison sentence for her actions.

While Germany is the first to hold an ISIS militant accountable for their genocide against Yazidis, one must wonder whether or not the US or the rest of the world will follow suit. Furthermore, who will provide justice to the Yazidi families impacted by the cruel behavior of ISIS?

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