ISIS Releases Heartbreaking Video of 12-Year-Old Executing People

ISIS Releases Heartbreaking Video of 12-Year-Old Executing People

( – In a Tuesday article by the Washington Examiner, ISIS retakes the world stage. This time the terrorist organization released video footage depicting a 12-year-old boy executing two Nigerian soldiers.

In a video that the terrorists dubbed “Maker of Epic Battles,” ISWAP, a splinter cell from ISIS and Boko Haram, displayed attacks from last spring in northern Nigeria. The regime also took time to boast about its growing stockpile of weapons during the 17-minute propaganda video. ISIS and its related groups are composed of militant Muslim religious extremists who believe in ridding the world of all people who won’t convert to Islam.

ISWAP, in particular, is notorious for recruiting and radicalizing children and captives into their ranks. They are most active in Nigeria, although they have groups in multiple African regions, where they’ve killed and displaced tens of thousands of Christians. This most recent video takes place in the states Borno and Yobe, both in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army says they’ve successfully eliminated ISWAP’s leader Malam Bako. Still, reporters note the Nigerian Army has made similar claims in the past to seemingly downplay the threat level of the insurgency. Do you think the threat has been resolved, or might the army be hiding something?

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