Islamic Slave Owner Jailed in Death Case

( – A Munich court sentenced a German woman who was part of the terrorist group Islamic State to 14 years in prison on August 28 for letting a Yazidi girl die of thirst after keeping her as a slave in Iraq. The girl was only 5 years old, and different reports revealed that she was severely dehydrated after being left in the sun for hours.

The court’s decision replaced a previous prison sentence of 10 years. A German appeals court ordered another sentence hearing for the woman, who in line with the country’s privacy rules was identified as Jennifer W. The legal update took place after the German Justice’s Federal Court dismissed an appeal by the defendant but partially approved one appeal by prosecutors. This agency overturned the sentence but failed to take the same step with the rest of the verdict. It also sent the case back to the state court of Munich for a new final decision.

This state court convicted Jennifer W. of numerous crimes, including enslavement that resulted in death. Germany’s main news agency DPA also revealed in an August 28 report that the 32-year-old woman was also accused of behaving with disregard for human life.

The woman identified as W., who is from the Lower Saxony town of Lohne, previously confessed to authorities she watched the Yazidi child die in 2015’s summer. She also confessed that the 5-year-old girl and her mother were enslaved by her and her former husband in their house in Iraq, and said that the man chained the girl under the sunlight to punish her.

Among many things, the Munich court pointed to the woman’s behavior after the child’s death. DPA reported that W. held a gun to the Yazidi mother’s death to make her stop crying, and threatened to pull the trigger if she failed to do it. W’s former husband was convicted by a court in Frankfurt in 2021 of crimes against humanity, genocide, bodily harm that led to death, and war crimes.

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