Israel Kills 40 Hamas Terrorists in Recent Attack?!

( – Israel stated that they took down 40 Hamas terrorists in Gaza on Monday in their latest attack and that they found weapon stashes and underground tunnels used by the Hamas military. This was during their operation in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip and was done over 24-hours.

The Israeli Defense Forces said, “Over the past day, IDF troops expanded ground operations in Khan Younis and conducted strikes in which approximately 40 terrorists were killed.”

He continued by stating what they found in their searches. He said, “In addition, significant terror tunnel shafts were located, as well as a variety of weapons, including 12 AK-47 rifles, four loaded RPG launchers, dozens of grenades, cartridges, and military vests.”

The IDF stated that in their mission they were able to strike many different Hamas military members as well as military posts, storage facilities, and vessels used by Hamas’ forces.

This latest attack was a victory for the IDF. Still, the widespread violence throughout the Gaza Strip has yet to cease, and many, especially the civilians of Gaza, are feeling the effects of it.

Israel reports that they have lost 182 soldiers in the fight against Hamas and more than 23,000 Palestinians were killed since the October 7th attack. The violence has escalated since the terrorist attacks, and there have been many innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, which has posed problems.

Many officials from other countries are attempting to establish negotiations between Israel and Hamas, so the two sides can come to some sort of agreement, whether it be a peace agreement or a cease-fire to ensure the safety of hostages and civilians.

Although many want the war to stop, Israeli forces say that the war could continue for months with no resolution in sight causing issues for the distribution of humanitarian aid and making the safe return of hostages more difficult.

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