Israel Targets Lebanon as Fears of Double Conflict Intensify

( – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced on October 9 that Israeli helicopter gunships attacked numerous positions in Lebanon’s southern region. This operation has prompted concerns among world leaders about a massive escalation of the conflict in the Middle East after Palestinian terrorist group Hamas staged a cross-border raid into Israel.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account, the IDF said that the helicopters were “delivering strikes in Lebanese territory.” While the forces didn’t provide any detail about the nature of this operation, it pointed out that those Israelis living near the Lebanese border needed to take “shelter at home” immediately.

A couple of hours before this statement, the Israeli military said in a statement that its ground forces killed armed “infiltrators” who entered the Jewish state from “Lebanese territory.” It added that helicopter gunships were attacking the area. Israel’s Army radio said that these strikes took place near the Israeli border town of Adamit.

The strikes on Lebanon came two days after Hamas perpetrated what many political analysts have framed as the most terrible attack Israel has suffered in its territory in decades. According to different reports, several US nationals were among the victims this cross-border attack, which started with hundreds of rockets Hamas fired from Gaza.

Israeli authorities said that the terrorist group captured nearly 150 Israeli hostages. Hamas announced they would execute these prisoners if Israel kept bombing Gaza, following the Israeli government’s declaration of war against the terrorist group.

Some media outlets said that Israeli troops are still making efforts to reassert full control of the Israeli border areas that were overrun by Hamas terrorists. The IDF said that while Israel’s Armed Forces managed to retake most of these towns, sporadic fighting continues.

In his declaration of war against Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would respond to the attack by destroying the militant factions of the terrorist group based in Gaza. In a televised statement, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that the Gaza Strip will pay a price that will change reality “for generations.”

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