It Looks Like Hillary Clinton Tried to Sabotage Huma Abedin’s Marriage Amid Scandal

It Looks Like Hillary Clinton Tried to Sabotage Huma Abedin's Marriage Amid Scandal

( – Former politicians often have their hands in several different jars, typically from a financial standpoint. However, Hillary Clinton may have felt she needed to put her nose in someone else’s marriage. Ironic, isn’t it? Huma Abedin, ex-wife of Anthony Weiner since 2017, believes that if she had listened to Hillary, things would’ve been different.

Abedin recalled ignoring calls from the then-Senator Clinton, noting that she knew Mrs. Clinton would convince her to leave Weiner if they talked. At the time, Anthony Weiner was facing a scandal after someone uploaded a photo to his Twitter account of him in boxer briefs.

Abedin, a former Clinton aide, admitted in her new book, “Both/And: A Life in Many Words” that she ignored calls from Mrs. Clinton and her family, which she believes were attempts to convince her to leave her husband, whom she decided to stand by. The claim is surprising given Clinton’s own stance when her husband was under fire for having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Mrs. Clinton chose to stay faithful, despite the reports of infidelity, and to this day, is a “stand by her man” kind of woman.

Abedin noted that Mrs. Clinton likely stayed with then-President Clinton because it was the right decision for her family, herself, and the United States of America. Why, then, would she try to convince one of her peers to act any differently?

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