It Looks Like It’s Game Over for Gavin Newsom

It Looks Like It's Game Over for Gavin Newsom

( – Since COVID-19 hit, governors have pushed numerous policies in their states in the name of safety and progress. But, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) may have taken his power too far last year as his constituents are now rallying together to get him kicked out of office.

A campaign to recall him has been gaining steam in the Golden State for quite some time. As of Sunday, February 7, the petition to get Newsom’s recall on the next statewide ballot has over 1.4 million signatures. To make it on the ballot, it will need 1,495,709 verified signatures by March 17.

His gross mishandling of the pandemic and draconian restrictions while exhibiting hypocrisy are just a few of the reasons his constituents are less than thrilled with him.

If the Recall Gavin 2020 petition is successful, it would only be our nation’s fourth gubernatorial recall election. But, if he does get ousted, it still begs the question of who would replace him. California continues to move further left, so Conservatives in the state have to fight hard for a better leader.

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