Italian Murder Convict Freed from Prison after Only One Year

( – An Italian man who was convicted of stabbing his girlfriend to death during an argument was freed from prison on November 12 after serving a year. Italian media outlets revealed that the 440-pound man was released after a court ruled that the diet served in the prison could kill him as it was high in calories.

The 35-year-old criminal Dimitri Fricano killed Erika Preti while they were vacationing on the Italian island of Sardinia in 2017. Authorities said he stabbed her 57 times with a knife after she yelled at him for leaving crumbs in the bed of the hotel room they rented.

Fricano was 260 pounds when he was sentenced to 30 years in prison on a homicide conviction in 2019. However, he didn’t start to serve his term until April 2022 because of numerous delays related to the COVID pandemic and the chaos it caused in Italy.

Since he entered prison, Fricano gained so much weight that he’s nearly 500 pounds right now, which led the Surveillance Court of Turin to release him on medical grounds. The city’s main court ruled that he can’t remain behind bars because his body is “incompatible” with Italy’s prison regime. The court added that is almost impossible for Fricano to move around the prison without crutches or a wheelchair.

According to a Corriere Della Sera report, judges said that the incarceration puts Fricano’s life at risk as prison officials are unable to give him a low-calorie diet so he can lose weight. The Italian newspaper also noted that Fricano will serve the rest of the sentence under house arrest at his parent’s apartment in Milan, where he’ll be able to receive a healthy diet.

The victim’s family blasted the decision to release him and said it was a “painful and shameful moment.” Petri’s father Fabrizio told the newspaper that while no one will be able to “revive” his daughter, the fact that Italian authorities have decided to release Fricano makes “the family’s pain” even worse.

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