Ivanka Trump Made Quiet Humanitarian Trip to Maui

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Daily Mail September 18 report, former president Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump made a secret trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui a couple of weeks ago. During this visit, the former first daughter distributed critical supplies and meals to residents, who are still recovering from the wildfires that destroyed a significant part of the island.

As reported by the British tabloid, the trip was part of a humanitarian mission from CityServe International, of which Ivanka Trump decided to be part. The so-called collaborative network indicated that it distributed nearly 300,000 prepackaged meals for displaced Maui families who were impacted by what has been considered the worst wildfire in US history.

Ivanka Trump and the CityServe’s team visited a Lahaina church that is currently acting as a food distribution center and met with locals who are currently working to rebuild the Hawaiian island. During the visit, she delivered pre-packed supplies, passed out vegetables, and posed for photos for residents.

In a statement, CityServe said that Ivanka Trump’s “humble presence” was important, as it managed to lift spirits and remind everyone on the island that they haven’t been forgotten. The collaborative network added it noticed people’s love and hope despite the tragedy and noted that the former first daughters not only passed meals and lifted boxes of supplies but also consoled survivors.

CityServe also said that she and the team distributed water, food, gift cards, local produce, and other supplies to the displaced families and individuals who are currently staying not only at hotels but also in local distribution centers. The team is also providing air filters and gas cards to residents, who have been advised to stay away from damaged areas.

The collaborative network explained that Ivanka Trump’s help has been crucial as she used her connections to make some other companies provide goods and supplies to Maui’s families.

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