Ivanka Trump Won’t Receive Executive Privilege From Biden

Ivanka Trump Won't Receive Executive Privilege From Biden

(AmericanProsperity.com) – White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said during a recent press conference that President Joe Biden wouldn’t extend executive privilege to Ivanka Trump. The former first daughter and advisor to the president was asked by the January 6th Committee to appear voluntarily to answer questions, according to Axios. ABC notes that Ivanka Trump’s husband and fellow advisor, Jared Kushner, will also appear before the panel.

The request to question Ms. Trump, according to another Axios report, comes after committee member Liz Cheney, (R- WY) said they have eyewitness accounts of her asking her father, former President Donald Trump, to stop the events unfolding at the Capitol.

Bedingfield, in her statement, made clear that the Biden administration believes the people involved on January 6 are criminals who were there to subvert democracy. She said executive privilege can’t apply if its purpose is to hide the truth from Congress or the public, especially from “an attack on the Constitution.”

It’s been more than a year of investigating, and the committee hasn’t come through with any smoking-gun evidence that January 6 was anything other than a protest that may have gone a bit too far, making the whole thing a witch-hunt.

Jim Lamon of The Federalist calls the debacle political theater aimed at painting an entire party in a negative light. Lamon believes politically motivated players, including Republicans on the committee, use the forum to bolster their own narratives.

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