J6 Prisoner Faces 51 Months Behind Bars

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Gateway Pundit October 31 report, January 6 rioter Edward Badalian sent a letter to the media outlet in which he explained his story. He was sentenced in September by the US District Judge Army Jackson to 51 months in prison for being part of the Capitol Riots. Badalian’s legal defense claimed he only spent “four minutes” inside Capitol Hill.

In the letter, Badalian explained he was part of the riots because he thought – and still believes- that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. He also said that he felt frustrated with the way the mainstream media and the US political establishment protected then-candidate Joe Biden over the scandal of his son Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Badalian also said that the United States shouldn’t ignore what the January 6 “patriots” are being prosecuted for. He explained that Washington “tyrants” wanted to affect the morale of US citizens, and pointed out that those who were part of the riots wanted to protect the country and save its “soul.” Badalian added that members of the establishment failed to “crush our fighting spirit” and said that the Democratic Party doesn’t have a “single moral fiber.”

He also mentioned how prosecutors are allegedly using personal details about his life to persecute him. Badalian said that the fact that his father currently lives in Russia was used by authorities to portray him as someone with “evil foreign ties.” He described the “strategy” as cruel and unfair, as he claimed he hadn’t spoken with his father for six years.

According to Badalian’s lawyer, his client entered Capitol Hill because he was trying to stop someone he believed was an Antifa member from breaking a window. He also said Badalian was informed through a Telegram group named PATRIOTS45MAGA Gang that the radical left-wing group was inside the Capitol destroying property.

Different media outlets have reported that US authorities have charged over 950 people for their roles in the Capitol riots and noted that the FBI continues to seek hundreds more.

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