Jack Russell Protects Owner From Bear Attack

Jack Russell Protects Owner From Bear Attack

Canine Saves Owner From Impending DOOM

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Sixty-one-year-old Susan Lee was enjoying a hike with her two canine companions when they inadvertently startled a black bear on her property. Fortunately, her Jack Russell terrier rushed to her assistance when the bear attacked, saving the day — and her life.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department issued a press release detailing the attack. According to their report, Lee reported calling her dogs after she’d lost sight of them. She recounted hearing a “loud noise.” Startled, she tripped and fell, giving the bear an opportunity to strike.

Lee said; the predator bit her upper left leg before her brave Jack Russell leaped into action. The dog barked at the bear, distracting the massive attacker long enough for her to flee to the safety of her house, where she messaged a neighbor to call an ambulance.

Emergency services transported Lee to a nearby hospital, where staff treated her for bite wounds and scratches on both sides of her body.

Officials with the Fish and Wildlife Department subsequently launched an investigation into the attack with the help of bear biologist Jaclyn Comeau. After reviewing the scene, they concluded the animal was likely a mother protecting her cubs.

The story shows that it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that often makes the difference between life and death. Lee can rest easy knowing that a faithful protector is nearby as long as her Jack Russell is around.

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