James O’Keefe Goes Public With Recordings on CNN

James O'Keefe Goes Public With Recordings on CNN

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Mainstream media has been particularly choosy about what they cover and how each story is relayed to the public. This has been especially true over the past few months. However, Project Veritas founder and journalist James O’Keefe is releasing around two months of call recordings from top CNN staff, including President Jeff Sucker.

O’Keefe sprung the news that he had nearly eight weeks of recordings on CNN’s inner workings by joining their daily team call. The Livestream can be seen here:

O’Keefe confronted Zucker, saying that the soon-to-be-released recordings reveal that CNN is “not really that independent of a journalist.” Zucker did not respond to O’Keefe’s comments and quickly stopped the call.

This latest exposure of CNN comes after the 2019 video showing Zucker encouraging its site to cover “moves towards impeachment” of President Donald Trump.

As Americans begin to see more first-person accounts of how mainstream media works, many are becoming disillusioned with it. Finding reputable, independent journalists and news sources is critical to a healthy society and prosperous nation.

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